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After Hours Emergencies

What is an EMergency?

Click below or call 1-785.223.5505 & follow prompts to report emergency.

For the best response when you call the after-hours emergency service, please provide the operator with:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Telephone Number
  • A Description of the Problem

Once you have contacted the emergency service, you must remain available so the maintenance technician can reach you by phone. At this time, he or she will make arrangements for resolving the problem.

NOTE: Contractors generally don’t work in the middle of the night, so we will get a qualified repairperson to the residence as soon as possible.


This is only an emergency in extreme cold weather conditions and when the heater is not working due to mechanical malfunction. If your gas or electric is shut off for non-payment of your bill, call your electric or gas provider.

Please immediately exit the unit and contact Kansas Gas Service (or your gas provider) from a phone NOT located in the home. Sparks from
phones, even cell phones, can ignite gas. Natural gas has the unmistakable odor of rotten eggs. Then notify us promptly to report the result of the gas company’s visit. If you suspect an appliance is leaking gas, you may want to turn off the appliance and turn off the gas supply to that appliance (you should be able to find a shut-off handle somewhere on the supply line).

Call the emergency line immediately if there is a large amount of gushing water or flooding creating a risk of damage to the property and you cannot contain the leak. We will ask you if you suspect that a pipe has broken and if so, ask that you shut off the water valve to the broken pipe or to the exterior water main until a contractor arrives. (as soon as you move in, you should familiarize yourself with these shut off valves) Do everything within your power to contain any leaking or flooding. We will get a qualified contractor to the unit as soon as possible.

If you notice a water spot on the ceiling, water is slowly leaking in a window, or the basement has slight seepage, please create a work order in you tenant portal or contact us promptly the next day and we will send a contractor as soon as possible.

Exit the home. Call 911!! Then call us.

If you have gas heat or water, you should have a carbon monoxide detector installed if the unit does not already have one. They may be purchased at most any hardware or home improvement store. Carbon monoxide cannot be smelled. If your carbon monoxide detector sounds, take the following action:

  • If no one is exhibiting symptoms of CO poisoning, then check the detector. If it is a battery operated one, take it outside. If it continues to sound, it may be defective (or the battery is low).
  • Get all family members outdoors immediately.
  • Call the Fire Department or 911.

It is preferred that you leave all windows and doors closed provided everyone has left the apartment. This will allow a more accurate reading of CO levels to be measured when the Fire Department responds. Any open doors or windows may allow CO gases to dissipate before the arrival of the Fire Department.

Electrical outage may be considered an emergency ONLY if there is no electricity throughout the unit AND:

  • you have called Westar and Westar is not at fault or reporting an area outage
  • you have checked all circuit breakers by flipping them hard to the OFF position and then hard to the ON position and have reset any and all GFI breakers (these are the little buttons sometimes found on outlets in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and garages) OR any fuses have been checked and replaced if burned out.

Blown fuses are not considered after-hours emergencies. Please familiarize yourself with the fuse panel and/or breakers. You are responsible for your own light bulbs.

If the plumbing drain system ceases to work, none of the sinks, tubs or toilets will function properly.

The stoppage of one toilet or drain when other bathrooms are functional is not an emergency, see below.

Regular Maintanance Requests

Use the Tenant Portal or call (785) 223-5505

We pride ourselves on quality customer service and prompt maintenance. 

If you have a maintenance concern, please call (785) 223-5505 to report the issue or click below to open a repair request ticket.

These are Non-Emergencies

In the event of no hot water, put a work order into your tenant portal or call us during business hours and we will have a qualified vendor
remedy the problem very quickly. No hot water calls are highly prioritized.

This may be considered an emergency ONLY if there is only one toilet in the unit AND you have made every effort, including plunging, to
clear the stoppage yourself. In any case, turn off the valve behind the toilet, shut the lid and clean up any mess. Create a work order in your
tenant portal or contact us during regular business hours.

Please contact the Police.

Failure of the AC system is not an emergency. Please create a work order on your tenant portal.

Exterminator of your choice and have them bill you directly.

Remember that there is a $30.00 lock out fee. If you are locked out during normal office hours, please stop by our office to sign out a spare
key. This spare key must be returned to the office by the close of business the same day. If you lock yourself out of the home when we are not available, you will need to call a locksmith. THE LOCK MAY NOT BE CHANGED unless absolutely necessary – and it is the Resident’s responsibility to ensure that any new lock is re-keyed to our masters.

invoice that resulted due to the Resident’s damage, misuse, or neglect. The Resident is also responsible for the payment of any service call charged by a contractor for:

  1. a missed appointment
  2. for not providing access to the unit when requested
  3. for not leaving any keyless bolting devices unlocked and/or not following other instructions resulting in the contractor not being able to gain entry to the property
  4. in the event that there is a pet that the contractor feels is threatening in any way
  5. other reasons that are clearly the fault of, and/or are under the control of the Resident that do not allow the contractor to complete the necessary work.

Residents may cancel an appointment by calling our office during regular office hours and speaking with a member of the management staff with ample time prior to their scheduled appointment with the contractor.

Tenant Portal

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  • Pay rent or set up auto payments
  • Maintenance Request Updates: see notes & updates as work is assigned to vendor and completed
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Avoid a Fine or Fee

Cold Weather Important Info
  • Disconnect hoses
  • Extreme Cold: open cabinets, drip water to help avoid frozen pipes
  • Check your HVAC filter change regularly
  • Keep your thermostat at minimum of 55 degrees.
  • If you leave town, make sure to leave heat on and let us know how long you will be gone
    Spring / Summer Important Info
    • Check your HVAC filter - change it regularly
    • Wash/rinse AC outside condenser - keep it clear of any weeds, grass, debris
    • Be diligent with mowing and trimming in order to avoid City Blight Fines - If you need help finding lawncare provider, let us know and we can get you some referrals.

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